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For 5 years +  We were the only company to offer on bench programming to the Mercedes 7G Units, We have extended our



All solenoids are tested using the latest Solenoid Daq equipment. Made in the UK


Beds Automatic Transmissions are the leading specialist repairers of automatic transmissions in the Herts,Beds,and Bucks area. We have been directly responsible for transmission fixes that have been sold and used worldwide as well as the automatic transmission industry UK.

Supreme valve bodies Hydra test enigma

Made in the UK Hydra-Test has been our main source of hydraulic test equipment since the nineties. They were the first to introduce a vacuum source to their machines, which we had,utilised testing
on/off solenoids,such as AR4/097 etc we also used this facility on testing valve body circuits and crack testing drums. But as automatic transmissions evolved so has the hydra-test into a Data acquisition test


Enigma code shift technology was developed by UK based Tech company Bluereach Automation. The self developed technology allows for shift control on automatic transmissions with an embedded TEHCM unit. The technology is packed with actual vehicle CAN BUS data platforms allowing for OEM specification test and control on CAN BUS operated automatic transmissions


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